I'm sorry to rant, but i mean, i don't understand why people abuse animals! They are judgmental! Why hurt a cat because it is deaf? They can't help it! Why hurt a wounded dog? HELP THEM! Why get rid of a cat on a holiday because you didn't want them to get fur all over their carpet?! I mean, c'mon! i heard, and by i heard i mean i know, of a cat who got abused for having a birth defect. I don't think people understand how bad it is to abuse an animal! The animals don't deserve it! think about it! The animal is just sitting there, trying to get your attention because it wants to be loved and there you are, glaring at it and pushing it away,and abusing it! Animals don't deserve this! They don't! So if you see animal abuse top it! Every sixty secinds an animal gets abused. STOP IT. If you abuse an animal, stop it. For animals's not right. Some animals don't know what it's like to be loved. Take one of those animals and love it. Let it live a happy life for the rest of it's time. DO SOMETHING. don't sit there waiting for someone to do  something. BE THAT PERSON. even if you don't agree with me, i'm fine with it. Sit there, watching an innocent animal suffer for no  reason. Sit there and let an animal live in fear and misery. I'm fine with it. But, ifyou do that, you're a disgrace to me. I'm sorry, i love animals, i can't help it. So, don't sit there waiting. DO SOMETHING. adopt a pet from a shelter. report animal abuse. Together we can help stop this. 

The rant is over. You may now resume to what you were previously doing. Unless it was animal abuse of course. -.-